Justin Kader

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My name is Justin Kader and I'm currently a PhD student at the Indiana University department of Astronomy. My current interest in astrophysics is the formation of galaxies, and their evolution into the recognizable forms we see today. In my research, we've used highly detailed spectra from galaxies outside the Milky Way to measure the motions of their stars, and the chemistry of their gas. Those measurements give clues to the puzzle of galaxy evolution.

Outside of astronomy, you will likely find me working on technological projects, everything from writing computer applications to building quadcopters/drones. It's a fun process of learning by doing, and usually there's a nice result at the end.

Several of my other big-time interests include writing and performing music, skiing, hiking, cooking, and learning random facts about classical antiquity.


E-mail: jukader@indiana.edu
Phone: (925) 395-8749
Mail: Department of Astronomy
Indiana University
727 East 3rd Street, Swain Hall West
Bloomington, IN 47405-7105